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The internet of medical things

With the Internet of Things (IoT) more of our stuff is being connected to the internet, and this has reached into the medical world with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

The IoMT cover a variety of devices including smart watches MedicAlert bracelets, and implants that connect to your smartphone. There are even smart pills that notify a patch on users arm when the pill reaches stomach acid, and sends alerts to doctors and users family. This can be useful with elderly suffering from dementia, and other mental health patients.

These connected devices provide a wide range of cost benefits and can increase standards of care by providing real time data.

Devices such as fitness trackers do not fall under HIPPA compliance or obligations, but devices that are prescribed by a medical professional will. Theses device must comply with HIPPA standards and take security steps required by HIPPA.

The IoMT is growing fast and patients want to use them. It is important to remember security, HIPPA compliance, and stay up to date with new technologies to offer patients.

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