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Month: November 2019

Telemedicine the Future of Healthcare

Telemedicine is revolutionizing healthcare, by allowing patients access to medical professionals and medical advice at any time in any location. At the same time this is allowing practices to increase revenue. 

Telemedicine is the use of technology (primarily video conferencing) that enables remote healthcare. The medical professional will send an invite to the patient, and the patient can join from a computer or smartphone by following a link provided in the invite.


We live in an increasingly connected world, and telemedicine allows patients and doctors to connect more frequently. That means patients can ask more questions, doctors can provide more answers, which creates a stronger doctor patient relationship.

Telemedicine solutions also allows for multiple parties to join, like family in another state, or a specialist in a certain field. It also provides the ability to share out content such as test results or x-rays.

When looking to establish telemedicine solutions for patients it is important to ensure that the chosen solution complies with all HIPAA guidelines.



FIFSTAR ICT recognized by Google

FIFSTAR ICT recognized by Google

With Veterans Day and National Veterans Small Business week around the corner, Google sent out special edition challenge coins to highly rated Veteran Led Businesses on their platforms.  As FIFSTAR ICT continues to move forward, we remember what it means to be a veteran and continue to strive for excellence. FIFSTAR ICT is led by three veterans, Delenor Wilson Jr., Jonathan Terrell and Nathan Tamras…. all veterans from the United States Army. Thanks for your service! #GrowWithGoogle #ChallengeCoin #VeteranLedCompany

Tech Travel Tips

As the holidays approach more and more people will be traveling to visit family and friends. We thought that we would provide you with some helpful tips to keep your technology safe and in good working order as you travel.



USB Charging Stations

We have all seen the USB charging stations popping up everywhere, especially at airports. While these seem to be a much appreciated convenience that rescues our dying devices, it can also be a disastrous trap.

These public USB stations can be compromised by criminals looking to steal your data, or infect your device with malware.  It is best to bring the adaptor and plug your device directly into a power outlet. 

Public WIFI

It seems that now everywhere you go offers free WIFI as a service, but should you really connect? This can be very risky, in that everyone connected to the same WIFI can see all the data going to and from your device. The good news is that if you are using https:// your data is encrypted (the content is encrypted, but sender and receiver are in clear text). 

The best precaution to take while traveling is to us a VPN when connecting your device to public WIFI. There are several VPN’s available and all are relatively easy to use and not to expensive; well worth it to protect your device and data.


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